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Working Out – Tim Ferriss’s Pre-Hab Regiment and PT Feedback

In early October I got a neck injury that put me out of Krav for a few months. This presented a perfect opportunity to try out Tim Ferriss’s pre-hab regiment in his 4 Hour Body. It’s a set of exercises meant to help build core balance in unstable positions designed by trainer extraordinaire and athlete recovery expert Gray Cook.

There are four basic exercises to the routine: Chops, Lifts, Single Leg Deadlifts, and Turkish Get-Ups. After an initial check, if there’s an imbalance, the weaker side gets three extra sets. The routine is performed twice a week. (Note: I also did snatch practice without weights and body-weight squats.)

A month later, I’m really happy with the progress in some areas and realize I need additional work in others. Keep reading for tips, tweaks, and mistakes to avoid.
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(Photo by Ray Lopez / DownTown Pictures)

This past week I got to drive down to San Diego to see a friend I hadn’t seen for five years. She’s working on some intriguing research in the interaction of neuron shape and function. Later that week my entire family visited my grandpa, and my brother survived a really bad bike accident. The week made me realize just how much I have to be thankful for.

A small piece:

I’m thankful for my mind–being able to think and reflect and to enjoy learning and doing. I would not be me if it wasn’t for the opportunity to grow up where I did, with the family I had, with the heritage I have, and with the friends, teachers, and mentors I was able to meet. I’m thankful for my ability to move and be healthy and for the chance to grow up without lacking food or shelter or love and support. I’m thankful for my education, in and out of school, which made me question the world and myself and the limits of my knowledge. I’m thankful for the amazing library that I grew up with, my first job and my door to a life of learning. I’m also very thankful that, despite the odds against it, my brother can be thankful for these things as well.