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Working Out – Tim Ferriss’s Pre-Hab Regiment and PT Feedback

In early October I got a neck injury that put me out of Krav for a few months. This presented a perfect opportunity to try out Tim Ferriss’s pre-hab regiment in his 4 Hour Body. It’s a set of exercises meant to help build core balance in unstable positions designed by trainer extraordinaire and athlete recovery expert Gray Cook.

There are four basic exercises to the routine: Chops, Lifts, Single Leg Deadlifts, and Turkish Get-Ups. After an initial check, if there’s an imbalance, the weaker side gets three extra sets. The routine is performed twice a week. (Note: I also did snatch practice without weights and body-weight squats.)

A month later, I’m really happy with the progress in some areas and realize I need additional work in others. Keep reading for tips, tweaks, and mistakes to avoid.
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Hundred Pushups

I rediscovered this website while showing my friend the 4 Hour Blog. It’s a six week program to get just about anyone able to do one hundred pushups in a row. I love hundredpushups.com because it’s simple, to the point, easy to follow, and has a counter built for you (pushupslogger.com). The neat thing about pushups is that they not only work your chest, but work your triceps too. I hate to admit it, but I never realized this until reading that website.
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