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Zig Ziglar part 2 and Personal Goals

Goals : Setting And Achieving Them On ScheduleOn my way to work and back, the Zig Ziglar Goals CD really got me thinking.

Some ideas from the cd:

Take an amazing archer and blindfold him and spin him around. What if this archer is so good he still hit’s the bullseye. Impressive. Now, what if there’s no bulleye? How can you hit something that doesn’t exist? (It sounds a lot better on the tape with the background and in depth explanations and Zig Ziglar’s use of language and humor.)

Every person should write a book, not necessarily for publishing, called “How to Make My Life Meaningful”, and live by it.

The people who are always “about to” do something, never get anything done.

Every night, spend ten minutes reviewing your goals and what you’ve done to accomplish them. Before going to bed, write down what you’ve done to get there in your notebook. For the next day, choose the top six most important goals, and focus on those.

I had been keeping a log because of Think and Grow Rich and it helped me get the guts and will-power to I leave my first day job. This was in November. I left for Thailand at the start of December and came back last week. The trip really changed some of my time-limes and goals and this is quite dangerous. Ultimately my goal is to become a good father and a good husband. To accomplish this I need to have enough time and energy to dedicate to my family. To accomplish this I need financial independence, my own businesses/investments, and a true love of what I’m doing. My current goals and decisions were all geared toward this, but now another element came into the picture.

My trip to Thailand changed a few things: 1) I’m no longer as eager to marry within the next few years. 2) I want to travel. 3) I want to make a huge difference for the better in many people’s lives, and I know I have the means to make it happen.

As far as marriage goes, I think marrying later and traveling more may actually make me a better husband. By understanding more about myself, knowing more about the world, I’ll better appreciate my partner and have more to offer. As far as career goes, this may not be the best option. I didn’t make the most of my education and right now is the time to make up for it. If I run away to a distant land, would I be working toward my goal or just enjoying myself and losing more time. On the other hand, if I don’t do it now, I’m not sure I’ll ever will get a similar opportunity. My two weeks of travel taught me more about life than at least a semester at Cal. Perhaps some time abroad may lead to further growth and realizations?

I understand that in looking at goals, one needs to look at one’s goals and work backwards, not look at what one likes and find justifications for it. One should also look at the reasons for one’s goals. If I elevate travel to goal level, I better have a meaningful reason for it. Similarly, although I’m lucky to live in a place where I may have more opportunities than anywhere in the world, maybe it would be worthwhile to truly widen my scope and experience before aiming for a target.

It’s always both scary and fantastic to have your world view shaken. My first shake came from my first job out of school and my awakening with Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I chose to be rich. That’s my goal. I know amazing fathers and husbands that aren’t rich, but I choose to become an amazing husband and father that is rich. My second shake came from my trip to Thailand. I’m on the verge of adding another goal, and this goal may have a huge impact on many of my other choices.

I need to figure these things out before making any commitments and decisions in the next few weeks (and another interview awaits me this morning).

Back from Thailand

Thailand was amazing. I had the time of my life. It’s such a beautiful country. It has a super strong infrastructure and at the same time it’s still developing. the people make very little, but at the same time the cost of living is very affordable.

What’s really cool is that it doesn’t take very much to start investing there–you can get a condo for 5-10k. The yearly return was about twelve percent according to one guy I was talking to, although more research would need to be done. Properties by Bangkok go for a bit more, but still nothing compared to the market in CA. It’d be a really cool idea to get some rentals going there, and use a large chunk of that money to help kids that can’t afford it pay for high school.

Another amazing thing about Thailand was the massage. The traditional massages are just amazing and it seems like almost a quarter of the country knows how to give them. There are shops everywhere. There’s a huge school, in fact the oldest school in there at Wat Pho. The best thing though is the foot massage. Half an hour at the Chiang Mai night market had me in heaven. The people giving them were cracking up at the ecstasy on my face.

There’s a catch though: it’s almost impossible to get citizenship. Thailand did an awesome job keeping colonialists away, and those same laws still make sure people don’t destroy the country. I think this is totally cool, but it does mean anything you do there would have to go through a Thai corporation.