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Money Magazines

Around six months ago, I signed up for a couple magazines through a bizrate offer: Kiplinger’s, Entrepreneur, and PC Mag. Each cost me three bucks for the year or half year. I’ve also found a treasure in our office: Revenue.

Of all these magazines, Kiplinger’s is simply amazing. There’s just so much interesting information. Even for someone who doesn’t know a thing about investing, this magazine has so much interesting information. A couple issues ago they had an article about the best stock analytics firms, how they work, who uses them, etc. They also have lots of neat little tables (which you could fine on Yahoo or Google Finance, or in Morningstar (which I joined thanks to the magazine)). I hav almost no time to read these days, but at home, this is my favorite bathroom read.

Next comes Entrepreneur. This is an interesting magazine, and it has lots of short quick articles, but my favorite is the Kiyosaki column in the back. This magazine focuses more on building your own business rather than investing, something that I’m still a little farther away from as I do my best to help my company grow. It’s interesting, but given a choice, I like Kiplinger’s a little more.

Next is PC Mag. This is a completely different field, and the magazine is super cheap (even without the discount) and comes the most often (Entrepreneur comes the least often). I flip through and every once in a while find some cool articles, but mostly this magazine has reviews of gadgets and software, which is cool, but not as deep as Kiplinger’s. The new look is nice, but aside from some of the technology news, it’s more a browsing kind of mag rather than deep learning and reading.

Finally, I recently discovered Revenue. It’s a magazine on search engine marketing. The thing I love about this guy is that its ads are almost as good as its articles. So much interesting information. It blows my mind. Definitely up there with Kiplinger’s, if not higher.

I should put good links to subscribing to these, but I’m dead tired. I’ll edit the post once I find a good deal. I can’t find the BizRate offer I got these from, and don’t know who offers the Revenue one. In any case though, next time you’re at Barn’s or Borders check them out. Also if you have recommendations let me know.