Power of the Seven Habits

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The Power Of The 7 Habits : Applications And Insights Dr. Stephen Covey’s The Power Of The 7 Habits : Applications And Insights walks through the environment of habits needed for success. The book has a lot to offer.

While the style and structure seem best for paper (not easily memorizable) there are some really nice insights in the tape. Among them, what are seven habits of ineffective individuals: not taking responsibility, not putting first things first, over-committing, etc.

The book also stressed the same point that Robins’ book. Realizing that you have the ability to control your response. Then growing from there. The saying no to unnecessary commitments and taking time to write a mission statement parts are aslo really important.

Overall this is a nice quick listen, hard to orient at times, but because it’s so short, it’s not that big a problem.

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