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Demian (Perennial Classics) Demian is an amazing book by Hermann Hesse. I picked it up because I remembered Siddhartha and had no clue what to check out. Very thankful that I got it. Same top notch level, similar spiritual journeys. Reading it is a mind trip, after getting off the train, had to be careful to snap out of some of the characters before coming to work. Talked about focusing one’s will. Self-discovery, change. Journey’s through life and figuring out paths. The dreams, paintings, Cain, everything. Serious trip. Really worth reading. I love how it starts and goes through all these stages we can all really relate too, I couldn’t figure out where and when it takes place, but my guess would be Europe before WWI or WWII but it doesn’t really matter, it’s just as applicable to here and now. It’s strange how the past few months could have so many parallel’s with this book. Demian makes you look inside and wonder and wander, makes you look at power structures and will-power (and goal setting). Although not in those terms. Very cool. A must for the start of one’s journey.

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